Carving Care


Finished and sealed Log carving care.

If you have bought a carving from us that has been sealed and finished by us, the care of the carving is easy. Once per year or every other year recoat the carving with an exterior urethane finish. If carving is going to be displayed indoors, avoid placing carving directly in front of any heat source. Also place spacers under carving so moisture under your carving does not stain your floors in your home. (Spacers can be as simple as a few 1/4" slats placed under the base to allow some air flow and seperation.)

Unfinshed/unsealed Log carving care.

If you happen to have bought a carving from one of the many charity events or demos we are at, and does not have a sealing coat on it, this is how we seal our carvings. (This is just a suggestion and what we find works for us.)

Mix Boiled Linseed oil (No, you do not have to boil it, it is sold this way.) and paint thinner in a container 50/50.

Apply 8-10 coats of this mix to the project. In most cases you will be able to apply3 or more coats in a day. If the wood is not running or dripping of oil, meaning the oil is soaking in, you can apply another coat. After 8-10 coats are on let dry to touch. (This takes about 1-2 day in nice conditions)

If you are going to add paint or stain, now is the time to do this. We like to use oil base paints or stains for best results.

IMPORTANT!!! Now apply an exterior varnish or exterior urethane over stained and unpainted areas per instruction on the can. The reason for not coating areas that are painted with the varnish is that many of the varnishs have an amber tint to them and it will discolor the paints true color.**** (It is important to varnish raw and stained areas. If left exposed they will turn a weathered black color)****

If placing carving indoors, avoid placing carving directly in front of a heat source. Also place spacer under the carving to protect your flooring from moisture loss from the log. (Spacers can be as simple as a few 1/4" slats placed under the carving to give seperation and allow air flow)

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at (262)-617-4350

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